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12💗04\07/04\13/12eL10Co12Me04💗 07To 09#12IR04cg07o 12Ne04tw07ork 22https://www.ircgo.org / 10Have 12fun! 10For 12IR04cG07o 12Official 07Channel 04Join 09#04Ch07at12 l / 10For 12Ch07an04serv12/Ni04cks07erv 12issues, 07Join 09#04help

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13Welcome to the Ultimate 22#Chat13 Channel on IRCgoツ Network | Wiki 22https://www.ircgo.org/public/wiki/index.php/World-Chat13 | Forum: 22https://world-chat.proboards.com/13 | Stats: 22http://stats.ircgo.org/chat.html13 | Play: 22https://kuro-rpg.net/projects/26/

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Chat Room -  current topic: #Debates - Go sportsball team go!

Set by GenghisKhan on Sat Jan 21 01:09:38 2023


IRCgo Eggdrop Help Channel - LATEST STABLE RELEASE 1.9.4 - download it here: www.geteggdrop.com - don't msg @/+ | No eggdrop provided | we won't setup your bot for you. | speak only English.

Set by G_w on Sun Dec 18 15:38:13 2022


Welcome to #2S8w2e8d2e8n7 :: Swedish/English only!

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4 12WeLcoMe to The OffiCiaL 10#4Ku1wa3it - 3Enjoy your stay, and have fun!  …4G1o3d…4B1le3ss…4🇰🇼ـت1ويـ3الكـ🇰🇼…

Set by الغريب on Mon Sep 12 04:05:53 2022


 "إنّ الصمت هو صراخٌ من النوعِ نفسِه، أكثرُ عُمقًا، و أكثر لياقةً بِكرامة الإنسانْ."

[19:35] * Set by Mary on Fri Mar 10 17:49:40 2023