2 in 1: The Merging of #Chat and #World-Chat Channels

2 in 1: The Merging of #Chat and #World-Chat Channels

In order to make it easier for our smartphone users, IRCgo Chat Network users now can join the official chat channel #World-Chat by typing /join #chat.

You can still join the official chat channel through our website by clicking on the  Connect Chat  button at the top of this page.

IRCGo Gaming Center

IRCGo Gaming Center, Channel #Games was created to make it easier for users to find the top game channels that may suit their interest. Current games listed are for the following channels:

#BlackJack - Click here for more information.
#CASINO - Crack the Code Game. Can also be found in channel #CTC
#Duck - Welcome to the DuckHunt game channel! | For commands, !bang !reload !lastduck !duckstats (nick) | https://bit.ly/IRCgoDuckHunt For the French version of the game /join #DuckHunt
#Hangman - This game can be played in all the channels the bot (BattleCat) is in. 
#Jamaah - A new kind of trivia
#Trivia - Test your knowledge of world events, famous people, and cultural milestones in this trivia game!
#UNO - Grab your friends and get ready to play the classic card game of matching colors and numbers. Share your tips, tricks, and strategies for winning, or challenge others to a game and see who comes out on top. (Wiki page)
#Word - Scramble game with She-Ra. It can be played in all the channels the bot is in.

More channel names will be added to this list. If you have any requests to create/add new games or suggestions about the current ones, please feel free to let us know.ツ

IRCgo Official Helpdesk/Support Channels

IRC/Oper Help Channels
#Help - IRCgo Official Help/Support channel.
#New - New to IRC? Want some help? Look no further, join and get help!
#OperHelp - IRCGo Oper Help channel
#Ayuda - Official Spanish Channel
#Ajutor - Official Romanian Channel
#ZNC - IRCgo Official Free ZNC channel. Linked to channel #Request on DALnet. Click here for more information

IRC Bots & Utilities Channels

#FreeBot - For your channel. https://www.ircgo.org/post/Freebot 
#goBots - Request an IRCgo utility bot: ChanStats, Codex, News, Phoenix, Radio, TCL, Weather, Youtube
#GSM - Detailed information about mobile phones.
#News -  Live news feed channel for all latest news and coverage about politics, music, movies, and more
#TCL - Search and get results for tcl scripts from TCL Archieve website.

IRC Clients, OS and Scripts Support Channels

#AdiIRC - IRCgo Help Channel for the AdiIRC/mIRC and IRCCloud Clients.
#AndroIRC -
#BlackTools - BlackTools TLC Support Channel.
#Eggdrop - Eggdrop/TLC Support Channel.
#HexChat - XChat/HexChat help channel.
#Linux - Help/support for any Linux distribution.
#mIRC - mIRC Help Channel.
#StrangeScript - StrangeScript Support Channel.
#Ubuntu - Official Ubuntu Support Channel
#Windows - Windows OS Support and Discussion channel.

Linked and Relayed Channels

Connected IRC channels to other networks to allow users from both services to communicate with each other in real time.
1. #IRCgo - Linked to DALnet, Efnet and Undernet
2. #Chat - Linked to channel #World-Chat on Rizon.
3. #Debates - Linked to DALnet.
4. #Kuwait - Linked to DALnet.
5. #Political_Reality - Linked to Rizon.

If you're interested in linking your channel to ours, please feel free to contact us.

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