FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions along with their answers. If you need more help then you can join us in our IRC #help channel. or email us using our contact form.

What is IRC?

/I-R-C/ n. [Internet Relay Chat] - IRC provides a way of communicating in real time with people from all over the world. It consists of various separate networks (or "nets") of IRC servers, machines that allow users to connect to IRC. IRC is very similar to text messaging, but designed around communicating with large groups of users instead of one on one.

What is IRCgo?

IRCgo is a popular IRC network with users from all around the world. The network has been around for over a year and is known for its friendly community and helpful staff. A group of dedicated volunteers who've been supporting IRC users for several years. This website is affiliated with several channels on multiple networks.

How do I register my nick?

Firstly, you need to join the chat using the nickname that you want to register.
Once you have done that, the command to register is:

/msg nickserv register <password> <email-address>

For example:
/msg nickserv register secretpassword adam@ircgo.org

For more on this check out our detailed instructions
and/or try:  /msg nickserv help register

Why is it a good idea to register my nick?

It is useful to register your nick for several reasons:

- it prevents other users from using your nick, as you will need to login to use it.
- All users that are registered for more than 3 months can choose to vote (or stand) in elections to elect a member to represent their country or region.

What is ZNC?

ZNC is an open-source IRC (Internet Relay Chat) bouncer that allows users to stay connected to an IRC server even when they are not online. It acts as an intermediary between the IRC client and server, storing messages and channel activity while the user is offline and relaying them back to the client when they reconnect. ZNC offers several features, such as SSL encryption, support for multiple users and networks, and the ability to customize settings and plugins. Overall, ZNC improves the user experience for IRC enthusiasts who want to stay connected to their favorite channels and conversations even when they are away from their devices.

Why isn't SSL ports offered?

They are; but we are also using a Non-SSL port 1111, because quiet frankly, SSL Ports are not necessary. Gmail and Microsoft share all the user's data with the government, and both of them use HTTPS. We use a Non-SSL port and fully respect your privacy. If you still wish to use an SSL port, please click here.

What is a ChanOp?

A ChanOp, or Channel Operator, is there to help the users have a visit to IRCgo as pleasant as possible. If you have any problems in a channel, these are the people you should contact to help you out. They can answer most questions you have, and also have the powers to kick or ban people from the channel if they are causing problems. Don’t know which one is the Chanop? Just ask!

Do you need any more operators?

We are always looking for channel o

What is a ChanOp?

A ChanOp, or Channel Operator, is there to help the users have a visit to IRCgo as pleasant as possible. If you have any problems in a channel, these are the people you should contact to help you out. They can answer most questions you have, and also have the powers to kick or ban people from the channel if they are causing problems. Don’t know which one is the Chanop? Just ask!

Do you need any more operators?

We are always looking for channel operators to help us. If you are over the age of 16 and would like to give us a hand, please speak to He-Man. Full training is offered by the Help and Training Team (HaTT) using our model training environment, with informal online tests at the end to make sure you are confident in your job.

If you are looking to become a permanent op, you can speak to your channel's founder about this, but please bear in mind that operators are usually chosen from our regular long-term users, and those who have had experience of being an operator. The best way to become an operator is to be online often, and show that you are willing to chat and make the channel a better place to be. 😊

What is an IRCOp?

An IRCOp, or an IRC Operator, is an Operator in every channel, and has all the usual powers that ChanOps have, but can also remove people from the whole network (kill), and set network bans (G-Lines). To find an IRCop, type: /stats P

What are IRCops doing in IRCgo?

IRCops maintain the servers. That means that when a server is linked to IRCgo, it needs to have at least one IRCop who takes care of it. Each IRCop represents one primary server (although they may have O:lines on more than one server, which are called backups) and should be concerned with keeping that one server connected and working well. Of course, IRCops are also on IRC to chat and have a good time just like everyone else.

What are the duties of IRCops?

The primary duty of an IRCop is to keep their server connected to IRCgo. That means that after a netsplit, they try to figure out the best way to reconnect their server so the users will be least disrupted. Of course, they also try to prevent netsplits as best they can. Secondary duties are somewhat less important, and different IRCops have differing opinions of what those duties are. Generally, they may include: G:lining or /killing abusers, hanging out in help channels. An IRCop's responsibility is to maintain the servers and the network. All other duties performed by an IRCop is done because that IRCop wants to help users and has the spare time to do it.

How can I get to be an IRCop?

The easy answer to this question is that if you go around asking IRCops how you can get to be one, you will never be one. There is no list of potential IRCops or any kind of application. There are actually two ways to become an IRCop:
- start your own IRCgo server
- get asked by an admin to be an IRCop on their server
Starting a server is not practical for many people, so the latter is the more common way. Here it becomes a bit tricky - an admin will only ask someone they trust to be an IRCop on their server, but if they think someone is cozying up to them just to get an O:line, they won't take that person seriously. You must be asked by a server admin, and asking an admin to make you an IRCop is a sure way of never becoming one.
It is actually very difficult to become an IRCop on IRCgo, but please don't think this means you can't help. #Help, and the many other help channels are always on the lookout for well-intentioned people who really want to help out without looking for a quick way to get an O:line and become an IRCop.

Will IRCops reop my channel, kill my ghost, or G:line an abusive user in my channel?

Maybe, maybe, and maybe, in that order. Seriously, it is very difficult to give an answer to any of these situations. There are some IRCops who spend a lot of time reopping channels that have lost ops. Usually they will consider the kind of channel (i.e., what goes on there), why it isn't registered to prevent opless situations, how ops were lost in the first place, how often the channel asks for help, and other criteria to decide whether to help or not. IRCops are human, some have more patience than others, so if you don`t receive an answer from one, you might have to keep trying. Ghosts (ghosts are nicknames that stay on IRC after that person quits IRC) usually go away by themselves after a few minutes, so /killing should not be necessary. However, if you have a particularly obstinate ghost, some IRCops will probably be happy to oblige, after they have determined that you are really asking for your own ghost to be killed and not somebody else. Everything about you and the ghost should be exactly the same if you really expect an IRCop to kill it. If you have a flooder in your channel and you want them gone, there are channel modes tailor made for you. Kick and ban work very well. If you have clones joining, try invite only mode for a while. Topic change wars? Make the channel +t, or deop some of the overzealous ops. Almost all channel problems do not require IRCop intervention, however, some might warrant a visit by an IRCop. Clones in particular (several connections from the same host, usually joining at the same time with random nicks like XnOiP1GaB) should bring IRCop action. Remember, IRCops are not required to do anything concerning channels, and they would much prefer you take care of your own channel and let them deal only with clones or other network abuse.

Do IRCops get paid?

Not for being an IRCop, no. Like every other position with IRCgo, that of IRCop is a purely volunteer job that brings no monetary benefits.

Why won't IRCgo support warez or porn/sex channels?

Personal ethics is the reason. Even though IRCgo is an unmoderated medium and does not monitor or police the activities of its userbase (outside of those who are actively abusing resources), no IRCop is required to help any channel, especially a channel that goes against his or her principles. If they think warez trading undermines the software industry, or porn is degrading to women (or dogs, or whatever) the are certainly not under any obligation to give such channels ops or help of any kind. Mp3-trading channels usually fall under this category, as well. Also, remember, there are laws that forbid trading copyrighted material, and everyone (even the mighty IRCops) has to obey the law.

Who is behind IRCgo?

    The Server Team behind IRCgo is:
1. G_w (Tunisia): Network Founder; Tech & Development Administrator
2. He-Man (Egypt/South Africa): Co-Founder, Server Administrator
3. LoGiQue (Tunisia): IRCgo ZNC and Network Admin
4. maroon (USA): Global IRC Operator
5. Nisse (Sweden): Services Administrator (sweden.ircgo.org)
6. Poko (Romania): Services Administrator (romania.ircgo.org)
7. Leia (USA): IRC Operator
8. Mystero (USA): IRC Operator

What is the difference btween an IRCop and an Admin?

The Admin (server administrator) actually runs and maintains a server. They are the ones who have physical access to it. The Admin has all final decisions about server-related matters, like who is an IRCop, what they are allowed to do, whether bots are allowed, etc. The Admin is probably an IRCop, but it is not required for him/her to be one. The server admins as a group make all decisions regarding IRCgo and how it is run.

Who looks after the technical side of IRCgo?

We have a Tech and Development Team who look after the servers and technical side of IRCgo. The Tech Team choose their own team members when they need to expand the team.

Last updated on Thursday, 03 March 2023

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