Help and Training Team (HaTT)

Help and Training Team (HaTT)

All of our operators receive training and support in their role. This ensures that every operator feels capable and confident in their role. The Help & Training Team (HaTT) takes the lead on the training of all operators on our network. They also provide help and advice to users and operators.


There are many operators on the IRCgo network who:

  • Facilitate conversations in channels
  • Ensure that our rules are followed
  • Act as a point of contact for users who have any issues on the network


Channel Operators (ChanOps)

ChanOps have the responsibilities to:

  • Moderate specific #channels
  • Maintain a friendly atmosphere
  • Engage users in conversation
  • Ensure people follow the rules
  • Help users who have problems (or refer them to #help)

To help them carry out their responsibilities, ChanOps have the permissions to:

  • Kick a user (disconnect them from the channel)
  • Ban a user (prevent them from returning to the channel)
  • Set modes on the channel (e.g. restrict the use of colours)

IRC Operators (IRCOps)

IRCops have the same responsibilities as ChanOps, but they moderate the entire IRCgo network, including all #channels.

In addition to the permissions listed above for ChanOps, IRCops have the permissions to:

  • Kill a user (disconnect them from the network)
  • G-Line a user (prevent them from returning to the network)
  • Change a user’s nick, ident or hostname
  • Reset a user’s password
  • Move users between channels
  • Drop channels

The Help and Trining Team Members

  1. G_w: Head of the HaTT and the Tech & Development Team) | #IRCgo
  2. He-Man: HaTT Administrator; Media & Web Developer | #World-Chat
  3. maroon: AdiIRC, mIRC and IRCCloud Support | #AdiIRC
  4. jack3, Bosco, F4R1S: Eggdrop Support | #Eggdrop
  5. gry: UNIX, Journalism and News writing. | #Lecturify
  6. gizmore, gry, srv, GuessWho, Murad: #Linux

B) Language Learning & Support Centers:
1. G_w, He-Man, K, Murad: Arabic Languague School/Support | #ArabChatS
2. JaggedJane: Afrikaans Language Support | 
3. Mysterio, He-Man, gry, Murad: English for Native and Non-Native Speakers | #English+
4. G_w, Mysterio, Murad: French Language Support | #France
5. gizmore, Doi_Aru, xD: German Language Support | #Germany
6. Bosco: Bahasa Indonesian | #Jakarta
7. gummiman: Norwegian Language Support | #Norway
8. PokoMadMaxGuessWho: Romanian Lanuage Support | #Ajutor
9. Srv, Mysterio, MadMax: Spanish Language Support | #Ayuda
10. nisse, nax, gummiman: Sweden Language Support | #Social

C) Gaming & Entertainment Center:
1. He-Man: #IdleRPG 
2. gizmore: #shadowlamb
3. jack3: #Trivia
4. Mysterio, UnleashX, gummiman, K: | #Games ; #UNO

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