How To Play?

How To Play?

In order to keep the conversations flow between users without being interrupted by games, These Gaming channels have been created.

  • (All games are handled by the eggdrop channels bots)

Please follow the channel rules and enjoy the games:

1. Be courteous of other players.
2. Refrain from vulgar language when possible.
3. If you have issues please message a channel op.

Casino (Crack the Code)
Words (Scramble)


Black Jack

The object of the game is to beat the dealer:
* Get 21 points on the player's first two cards (called a blackjack), without a dealer blackjack;
* Reach a final score higher than the dealer without exceeding 21; 
* orLet the dealer draw additional cards until his or her hand exceeds 21.
* Type .blackjack to start the game.

Crack the Code

The game gets easier the more you play it.
The idea of the game is to crack the code the bot has.
The numbers of the code is between 0 and 6.
Example: 012345 or 623414 etc..
The bot gives every 20 sec a hint of what the numbers could be.

To start the game type !ctc when you know the code you type example: !code 123456
After 10 given questions and answers there is time for a hint cmd like: !hint
The commands !score and !top need no help, you know the ideaツ


  • DuckHunt is a game of endless hours of fun!
DuckHunt Game Commands
Command Description
!bang Command used to shoot a duck. Don’t forget that sometimes, mistakes happen and you can miss the ducks… Or worse.
!reload Reloads or unjams your weapon. You must have chargers left if you want to reload. They are given back for free everyday, but you can also buy them in the shop.
!shop [item] (for the list of items, please check DuckHunt's Website)
!lastduck Displays the last seen duck
!duckstats Gets your or other player hunting statistics


  • (This game can be played in all the channels that Cringer/BattleCat is in)
Hangman Commands
Command Description
!hs To start the game
!hangman [Letter] To guess a letter
!hangman [puzzle] To answer the entire puzzle.
!hstats To display the winners

#Words (Scramble)

This is an entertainment game that puts a garbled word to channel and gives a clue.  If no one gets it, it continues to give the first then the second letter.  It tracks the score.


Command Description
!word start a new game
give the top ten scorers
Turns the game on/off (restricted)


A simple UNO game that responds fast, makes use of color, has play shortcuts, and the robot player wins games😉

UNO Bot Commands
Command Description
!unocmds Displays the Commands List
!uno Starts the game
!stop Stops the Game (Must be Bot Owner)
!remove Removes you from the game
!unowon [nick] Displays [nick] points and games played
!unotop10 [games, wins, 21] Displays the Top10 scores [specified]
!unotop3last Displays last month top3 points/games winners
!unostats Displays current record holders
!unorecords Displays All-Time records

Commands during Play
j or jo = join ; p or pl = play
Colors: y = yellow; g = green, r = red; b = blue
dt = Draw Two, r = Reverse; s or pa = Skip/Pass
w = Wild ; wd = Wild Draw Four
d or dr = draw ; s or pa = skip/pass
c or co = color ; ca = cards
cd = card on deck ; tu = turn ;
od = order ; ct = count ;
st = stats ; ti = time

Examples of Card Play:
to play a blue 4 card: pl b4
to play a red skip card: pl rs
to play a yellow draw two card: pl yd
to play a wild draw four card: pl wd

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