Shadow Lamb - The Chat MMO

Shadow Lamb - The Chat MMO

Shadowlamb - The Chat MMO

Shadowlamb is a fully featured - text based - multiplayer RPG. You can solve quests, runecraft your items, learn magic spells, explore areas, party up with others and more. It is connected to various IRC networks and Discord, whereas every server is playing in the same, global, gameworld. This makes the game unique among all other chat games.

Shadowlamb - Origins

Shadowlamb got created due to a bet between and quangntenemy the penguin tamer, if it were possible to create an interactive IRC MMO. After only 2 months of hard work, version 1 was running, and the bet was won; Shadowlamb was born. Due to lack of creativity, gizmore chose the infamous Shadowrun Pen&Paper RGP as the world's major theme, but the game mechanics are completely self-made, and do not apply the shadowrun rules.
The game got improved shortly afterwards, and meanwhile there are around 100 quests, 5 cities and more dungeons to explore.
The game is open source, and idled on the irc networks for a decade. Now it found a home on the network.
Notably, there is a so called "running mode", which allows raised max stats, but those runners are playing in a permanent death mode, which only applies when killed by NPC or other running mode players.

How to play
Connect to (featured) IRC network IRCgo. Featured networks have a channel named #shadowlamb
Create your character with the #start command.
You are now playing the game!

If you are new to the game you will probably be a bit overwhelmed of the commands, but the game is really not hard to play.

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