"I was without internet for 3 months, got bored and created my own irc client. Creating an IRC client without internet was probably not my brightest hour. :P " -Kr0n

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About AdiIRC

AdiIRC was first publicly released on January 07, 2016, and is presently in active development. It is a closed-source freeware IRC client for Windows, modeled after the popular mIRC client, and written in C# (C-Sharp). Compatible with Windows XP and later, and runs fine in Wine for Linux and MacOS. AdiIRC is supported by donations. The author, Per Amundsen, no longer accepts monetary gain, but you could hire him at your Fortune 500 company! ^_^

Q: What does “Adi” stands for?
A: Nothing really. It’s an old prefix used for some other projects many years ago, and the prefix just carried over to this IRC client. Original it was derived from the song A.D.I.D.A.S by the band KoRn. According to some it could stand for “All Day I IRC” :P - Kr0n


Some of the features AdiIRC boasts include; Scripting support with sophisticated debugging, an advanced Theming engine, Spell checker, Language translations, IRCv3 compatibility, advanced server/network database, SASL / Services support, Regular expression search, and of course Emoticons. ;)


AdiIRC supports a variant of the mIRC Scripting Language (mSL), with its own additions and deviations from the official mIRC supported script. Some features and syntactic behaviors may not work as expected, but the developer is fairly responsive to bug reports and suggestions for improvement. In particular, AdiIRC offers scriptable access to Windows APIs so you can poll system information, access media players (“now playing”), and really customize the client’s look and feel with highly refined theming.

The developer hosts his own paste bin for use in the #AdiIRC support channel.


(Write something about themes; glamorous and technical.) The screenshots on this page demonstrate how AdiIRC can be customized to look like any other IRC client. Just about every element of the client can be modified, including the color and layout of all text, dockable panels, icons, menus and anything else.

Last revised on 03/03/2023


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