The Lounge is an IRC client that works with any web browser! No need for an application, everything happens from your browser. It is an alternative to IRC clients with a very nice user-friendly interface and with many features. Let’s discover The Lounge and how to enjoy it…

The Lounge

The Lounge has two distinct operating modes:

  • In private mode : The Lounge works as a combined bouncer and IRC client, to provide a similar experience to other modern chat apps. It is then possible to access and resume your session from your multiple devices without being disconnected from your channels.
  • In public mode : The Lounge functions as an open IRC chat, accessible to everyone without registration.

The Loung 01 - The Lounge: self-hosted IRC web client

Its open code is published on Github, The Lounge is basically a fork of Shout . It is also possible to try The Lounge simply on the official website here .

The Lounge and Features

  • Always Connected
    Stay connected to IRC servers at all times and pick up where you left off on any device!
  • Modern Features
    Push notifications, link previews, file downloads and more bring IRC into the 21st century.
  • Responsive and modern interface
    The client runs smoothly on all desktops, smartphones and tablets. The Lounge has a WPA interface!
  • Free and open source
    The Lounge is open source and under MIT license.
  • Cross-Platform
    It doesn't matter what operating system you use. The Lounge works anywhere Node.js can run!
  • Multi-User Support Support
    multiple user accounts. Share your server with your friends!
  • And many others…

The Lounge in pictures

A few images can sometimes speak louder than words, so here you go… The Louge, on Firefox PC (Windows 10)

The lounge 02 white - The Lounge: self-hosted IRC web client
Default theme

The Lounge, on Firefox Mobile (Android 10):

Plugins / Themes

The Louge is also customizable, whether for its appearance or its functionality. Here you will find more than 30 themes, here are some examples:

As for plugins, there are 3 official ones, which you will find here, including thelounge-plugin-shortcuts, a rather nice plugin, allowing you to create your own shortcut commands.

Emoji Completion

Typing a partial emoji name between :: should bring up an emoji completion menu a la GitHub:

emoji completion menu

when choosing an emoji from the list, it should replace the partially-typed emoji with the Unicode character for that emoji.


The Lounge has clearly reconciled users with the IRC! It's almost like being on Discord. The fact that the application is entirely usable from a PC or a Mobile and the icing on the cake, in a transparent way, is great! It's beautiful, it's fluid. Browser notifications work flawlessly.


The self-hosted web IRC client

The Lounge is open source and licensed under the MIT license.


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